Patterns and Show Forms

Show Information

Download the Show bill here: 2017-Lucky 7-Class Schedule

Downloadable patterns: 2017-lucky-7-patterns

Downloadable Entry Form: AQHA entry forms: 2017-aqha-entry-form

Downloadable NSBA entry form:  2017-nsba-entry-form

Down load Trainers Sheet: 2017 Trainers Tab Sheet

Thank you for your support of the Lucky 7 Classic. We are very pleased that you believe in what we trying to do as a show committee and management. Every stall has been sold for the past three years.  Thank you for helping us reach this goal.  We appreciate the continued support from so many.

Because we sell out, we are asking you to bring only horses that are going to show and to consolidate tack stalls as much as possible. We are charging $50/non-shown horse. While we understand the need to get young horses exposed to the show environment, we are more interested in providing opportunities to more people to compete at the Lucky 7 Classic. Also, if you do not need a stall, please let me know. I can help arrange to put someone in it.

We have changed some items from years past.

1. Upon your arrival, you will need to check in at the STALL office located by the farrier area at the end on the main.

a. If you pre-ordered shavings and did not pay for them, you will be required to leave an open check or credit card information before we will unlock your stalls.
b. If you want your clients to pay for shavings and RV individually, they will need to leave a check with the Stall office upon arrival.

 2. To order shavings during the show, you will need to go to the Stall Office. No shavings orders will be taken in the Show Office. Orders will be added to your Stall tab.

3. The Show Tab is separate from the Stall tab. Therefore, you will need have open checks in BOTH the show office and Stall office.

4. If you have not done so, PLEASE PRE-ORDER YOUR SHAVINGS. We will be putting them out before you arrive. We will divide out the costs of the shavings amongst your Clients if you prefer.  AGAIN, ALL PARTIES RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT MUST HAVE OPEN CHECKS AT THE STALL OFFICE..

Prior to coming to the show fill out the Class Schedule and ENTRY Form. This will help expedite the entry process. The show office will be open Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday. PLEASE, PLEASE do not wait until Thursday morning to enter your classes. There is no excuse not to take 30 minutes, drink a Coke and enter your classes before the show begins.

With everybody’s cooperation we can make the 2017 Lucky 7 Classic the best yet. There will be a ton of points to be won again this year.

Download the 2017 Lucky 7 classic patterns by clicking the link above.    Show entry form link is available above.  Please take the time to fill them out prior to arriving at the show.



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  1. Michelle Bowie

    Good Morning how much is the stall ? I don’t know if we need stall or not because my daughter s horse will be staying at the school barn so that’s way maybe other peoples might need stalls for the weekend ? And thank you !

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