Congratulations to all of our Circuit Champions and class winners

Each day results are listed below.  Please click on the highlighted Show # to download.   (Results are Unofficial):

Thursday and Friday show 1: Show 1
Thursday and Friday show 2: Show 2
Thursday and Friday show 3: Show 3
Saturday and Sunday show 4: Show 4
Saturday and Sunday show 5: Show 5
Saturday and Sunday show 6: Show 6
Sunday May 7, 2017 Trail results (click on link to download)  Updated Sunday Trail

All Around, Reserve all around and high point award winners:

Award Guidelines and Rules:  Lucky 7 award guidelines

Level 1 Open Horse

All Around: Shes Willy Awesome, Nick Mayabb, Exhibitor

Junior Horse

All-around: Metallic Iron, Chester Prince, Owner
Reserve Junior All-around: Truly Authentic, Alexis Parisek, Owner

Senior Horse

All-around: Rumors are Hot, Kim Neas, Owner


All-around: Better by the Minit, Morgan Parisek, Exhibitor
Reserve All-around: Invited to a Goodbar, Shannon Thrower, Exhibitor

Select Amateur

All-around: Won Lopin RV Machine, Vickie Kent, Exhibitor
Reserve All-around: Kim Neas, Exhibitor

Youth 14-18

All-around: Chocolately Special K, Cassidy Jensen, Exhibitor
Reserve All-around: Virtually Perfect, Mackenzie Matthews, Exhibitor

Youth 13 and under

All-around: Huntin for Candy, Cheyenne Augsburger, Exhibitor
Reserve All-around: Deck Can Do Star, Alexis Potts, Exhibitor

Level 1 Amateur

All-around: The Krymsum Kat, Brianna Alvarez, Exhibitor
Reserve All-around: Flauntin my Assets, Mallory Dehaes, Exhibitor

Level 1 Youth

All-around: A Hot Vodka, Sarah Lipscomb, Exhibitor
Reserve All-around: Goodbar had a Dream, Savannah Relick, Exhibitor

High point Awards

Open Western Horse: VS Code Me Lucky, Nick Mayabb, Exhibitor
Amateur Western Horse: Won Lopin RV Machine, Vickie Kent, Exhibitor
Youth Western Horse: Chocolatey Special K, Cassidy Jensen, Exhibitor
Open English Horse: Metallic Iron, Lee Paul Shin, Exhibitor
Amateur English Horse: Ritas Repo, Shanna Bradshaw, Exhibitor
Youth English Horse: Indygo Girl, Sydney Robbins, Exhibitor

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